37.5% the lower limit for reduction?

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I'm trying out the product and assumed there wasn't a lower limit to how much you could reduce a model, but during my testing it seems I can't get results lower than 37.5% (339,000 triangles to 127,000) when I build a lower level of detail. Is there a way to reduce the mesh further?


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Hi Brad,
Thank you for your question.

Balancer simplifies the surfaces of the model while preserving all the model
features, uv mapping boundaries, normal boundaries (creases) and the model topology.
It is highly recommended to inspect the model boundaries before simplifying it,
to see what exactly will be preserved. See more details here:


In general, it is highly recommended to apply Balancer's tools
on models in this specific order:
- Join vertices
- Eliminate T-Junctions
- Join normals
- Join texture coordinates

We will appreciate if you could send us your model
to support@atangeo.com, so we can tell you exactly what the problem is.

bradowado (not verified)

I think I figured it out. Even though the model is merged into on piece, it has lots of UV boundaries and each individual piece appears to be optimized as much as possible, but there are so many individual pieces the triangle count doesn't go below 127,000. I think I was imagining that Balancer would retopologize the mesh, which I understand now that it's not really designed to do that.