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The best polygon reduction technology is now available as an efficient, easy to use and highly affordable tool.


Atangeo Balancer features high quality, high fidelity mesh simplification (aka polygon reduction or mesh decimation). It accurately preserves the model visual appearance, features, normals, texture coordinates, materials and layer boundaries.


Quickly and easily find your perfect balance between visual appearance and the number of polygons. Instantly pick an optimized model with required face count or use accurate tolerance-based simplification to obtain desired visual quality just in one click.


Balancer is extremely fast and efficient. Very small memory footprint and high speed performance allow Balancer to quickly and easily simplify models with millions of faces.

Balancer nPro is designed to optimize 3D models for

  • 3D printing
  • CAD / CAM
  • architecture
  • any other use that requires metric specified accuracy


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Edition Comparison


Balancer nPro
High quality, high performance mesh simplification yes yes
Construction of the entire LOD hierarchy in one shot yes yes
Densities control for selective reduction rate of different groups/sub-meshes yes yes
Preservation and simplification of
  • texture coordinates
  • surface boundaries
  • boundaries defined by discontinuities of materials, layers, texture coordinates
yes yes
Accurate pixel-based tolerance simplification yes yes
Accurate metric-based tolerance simplification no yes
Units conversion and assignment no yes
Watertightness verification yes yes
Supported image formats:
yes yes
Supported 3D formats    
Wavefront .OBJ yes yes
Polygon File Format .PLY yes yes
Stereolithography .STL no yes
Supported operating systems    
Windows 10, 11 and above,
64 bit, 32 bit will be deprecated soon
yes yes
Mac OS X 10.9 and above,
fully functional on M1
yes yes

Free Versions

In addition to the main version, Balancer has these two variations.

  • Balancer Demo
    is an evaluation version. It is fully functional except for saving.
  • Balancer Lite
    is a free version. It is fully functional but works with small meshes only.
    The limit for a single mesh is 65,000 vertices.

    Balancer Lite can be used for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment only.
    Commercially, 30 days evaluation period applies.

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