Balancer 2.0 is out now!

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Balancer 2.0 features robust and easy to use accurate pixel-based tolerance simplification. Now you can easily obtain desired visual quality just in one click, without thoroughly inspecting simplified models at different triangle count.

You specify error tolerance in pixels (say 3 pixels) and your viewport (say 1024 by 1024), and in one click you get a simplified model, which satisfies your quality requirement. From any viewing direction, the resulting model's silhouette won't deviate by more than 3 pixels.

See an example here:


All the rest of new features and improvements we worked on we also added to Balancer 1.5.1 for those who purchased Balancer 1.x. Here is a brief list:

  • Simplification: even further improved robustness and feature preservation
  • New mesh processing: T-Junction elimination
  • New: show/hide applies on multiple selected objects
  • New: isolation of displaying selected objects for easier inspection
  • New: ability to save/export selected and/or visible objects only
  • New: customization of mouse wheel direction
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Mac: random crashes on some systems are finally fixed
    Balancer for Mac is now officially stable!
    All Mac users of Balancer 1.x are highly recommended
    to update to Balancer 1.5.1 or upgrade to Balancer 2.0.

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Great news Jack!
Will there be an upgrade price from 1.xx (purchased a long time ago)

Thanks in advance!

PS: Happy New+ 2012!

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Hi Kalin,
Happy New Year to You and All the users!

Thank you for asking!

The upgrade price is 50%.
Just choose your license type when buying.

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Super cool! Thanks a lot for your great work!