OSX 10.6.8 Questions...

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Hey guys...

thank you for this GREAT tool. I have a few questions or maybe even requests for the OSX Version.

1. Balancer NEVER remembers ANY settings of the window size or if it was last opened full screen and such!?
2. It doesn't remember any directory path!?
3. It does not remember any tool settings (i.e. show tex boundaries, show normal boundaries, ...)!?

Those simple things alone would make my life complete ; Wink Innocent

One more thing... I recorded random crashes on OSX when loading OBJ files exported from Modo 501!? Any clue what could be the reason for that?



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Thank you for your kind words about Balancer
and your requests.

We will try to add these minor but essential
features to Balancer in the upcoming release.

Balancer should remember the path of the last
model it opened.

Some of the visualizing settings are remembered,
but most of them are not to prevent slow visualization
of very large models on start-up. We will review this
to make this as user-friendly as possible.

Balancer sometimes crashes on Mac due to
stability of Mac graphics drivers. 64 bit drivers are
considerably more stable and as a result Balancer
Demo is much more stable running in 64 bit mode.
Balancer Demo and the Balancer licensed version
for Mac are universal binaries for both Intel 32
and 64 bit.

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Thanks for the quick response.. I sent you an email yesterday because the crashes are getting now very annoying and frequent. Balancer crashes pretty much 8 out of 10 times. I sent you a crash report already and hope you guys are able to help me out with this.

My iMac is the latest model (i7 quad 27") so I assume it's not the driver or some RAM issue on my side. I run alot of different 3D software (Zbrush, Maya, Modo, Lightwave) packages any never had any trouble with the GFX card (ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB). The crashes are mostly happening right after I load my OBJ file and right after I save the reduced model. Maybe that gives you a clue what's going on here!?