Reduced models not syncing with textures

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I bring a 253560 face model and reduce it, have tried various reductions, and update normals then save in the same OBJ folder but with a different name. Have tried saving it different folder as well.

My work flow is exporting a model out of MindCad (OBJ) then into Rhino to check for textures then save as OBJ.

I did see posts on redirecting the .mtl file which wasnt really clear. I did open the .mtl file but saw no reference to location. How does the mtl file work or how does Balancer do the whole redirect thing with textures?



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Hi Dave,
Thanks for your question.

You should save your reduced model into the same folder as the original one
to keep the OBJ file using the same MTL file.

Balancer does not modify MTL files, which describe materials of the model.
A MTL material is usually a color, specular color, name of the texture file, etc.

The OBJ file contains texture coordinates, and Balancer accurately preserves
them during simplification and writes them to the resulting (reduced) OBJ file.

Do you see your original model with textures in Balancer?
If you do, you should see the simplified model with textures
as well. When you save:
1) you need to save into the same folder,
2) and make sure that you save texture coordinates:
check Tools | Preferences | Exporters | Wavefront OBJ >
Save texture coordinates (should be on by default).

If you don't see your original model with texture in Balancer,
there is something wrong with MTL files. Check whether your MTL
file has the texture name written somewhere in it.
Try also to load the original model back to Rhino to see
that it has been indeed saved with textures. If Rhino is
able to load the original file with textures, you should
see your simplified file with texture too - even if Balancer
does not show it with textures for some reason.

Hope this will help.