Exporting double sided polygons

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I have objects which I can see through when I'm inside of it. These have onesided polys.
The materials are doublesided but I can't see them in preview mode in Poser.

I know it's not exactly Balancers task but maybe it can do it? ...making onesided to double sided without doubling the faces.

I know a way around this if I duplicate the object and reverse normals, but then I'll get twice as much polycount.

Do you have any idea about that?


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Balancer can only display objects as polys with
one-sided materials. The faces can be rendered
from both sides. You need to turn on "View/Back Faces"
and "View/Colored Backed Faces" to easily distinguish
between front/back faces. But it is still one-side
material rendering.

Also Balancer does not modify the material (.mtl) files.
So if your materials are double-sided they will stay

In any case, rendering double-sided material correctly
depends only on the specific application that you use
to make final rendering of your models. So I cannot see
how we can improve Balancer to help you with double-sided
materials. Puzzled

Try to ask people at the Poser forums.

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Thank you for your info.
I'm really glad my new Balancer!