Roof disappear under 40% simplifying

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Roof disappear under 40% simplifying.
I would like to reduce the polycount of a little house to 1300 from an original count of 5900
But unfortunately the roof the walls and windows will be deformed.

Do you know a way around this?

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Thanks for your question and for the pictures.

To fix the roof try 'locking' some of its vertices.
Please see how to lock vertices here:
Turn on displaying 'Wireframe' and/or 'Vertices' for this.
Depending on the roof topology, you might need to lock
a vertex in the middle of the roof top edge.

To fix the windows, you may also try to 'Lock Boundaries'
(boundaries are shown with orange color). Note that
Locking boundaries will fix all the vertices of your model
surface boundaries and this may increase the face count.