how to preserve the eyes of an animal not optimized?

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The software is perfect, super fast and accurate.
But when I deal with a 3d model of an animal, I want to preserve the eyes not optimized, the original eyes look bright and shape, how can I do this?

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Thank you for purchasing Balancer
and for your good words about it.

In the current version it is impossible to lock
regions, parts or submeshes of the model, but only
boundaries or specific vertices by clicking on them.

Right now we are working on adding features like
locking regions, parts or submeshes, adding priorities
to parts using weights, and other selective simplification
features. We hope to release a version with all this
by the end of the year.

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This sounds great!

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I have found a way to do this, first, delete the eyes group in other software, then optimize the left parts with Balancer, then reassemble them.