Atangeo Balancer is updated to 1.1.3

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Atangeo Balancer is now available.

Many of you asked to be able to change mouse mapping. Now you can customize mouse navigation to match your favorite authoring application.

New simplification features:

Prevent UV Foldovers guarantees that simplified models do not have
texture foldovers. It is turned on by default.

Prevent XY Foldovers is for terrain-like models. While Balancer almost never
introduces foldovers (aka caves or triangle flips) of terrain meshes,
in some very rare cases it still may happen. This feature guarantees
foldover free terrains for all levels of simplification.

Here is the list of changes:

  • New: Prevention of UV and XY foldovers
  • New: Customization of mouse assignments
  • New: Support for mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • New: Customization of background color
  • Minor fixes and improvements


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Very cool update guys! Thanks!