Is it possible for more reduction?

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I use balancer to reduce the original model from 744 faces to 170 faces, and the quality is great.
And I'd like to do more reduction with some loss of quality.
I have tried many parameters but can't find an effective way.

The balancer reduced(with the default parameter):
Manually reduced(reconstruct the model):
Is it possible for balancer to make a reduction close it?

The original file:
The manual file:

Or the SDK version provides such functions?


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Thank you for your question and for providing us with your model.

For this specific model you can apply the following preprocessing operation just BEFORE you build the simplification hierarchy:
1) Tools > Join vertices
2) Tools > Join normal

With the default values, a simplified mode with about 120 faces is quite good. You can inspect the simplification results by navigating the simplification hierarchy.

In addition, you can get rid of some fine cut details on the ends, by changing the normal joining threshold in Tools > Preferences > Joining > 'Join normal if ..." to 75 degrees (default is 45 degrees).
You will need to reload your original model and reapply Join vertices and normal. The resulting simplified model with 80 faces look similar to your manually built model, but still it is not as optimal.

The SDK uses exactly the same underlying simplification engine with only slightly extended functionality that is not related to the simplification results that can be obtained.

Cheers Smile