problem with the normals of reduction model

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The model can be decimated to a small number of faces, but the normals may be adjusted to get a better vision.
The original model file:
The full resolution picture after join vertex and normals:
The reduction result:

Of course, I can get a better vision to select a high resolution.
But I am just wondering is there a way(eg. adjust some params) to get a better vision with lower resolution.

Thanks Smile

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Hi Wangyang,

Thanks for the model and the screen captures.

You can set visualization to 'Flat Shading' (Menu | View | Flat Shading'). But this only changes the visual appearance in Balancer. This does actually introduce any new normal and won't affect how the model is saved.
It depends on how you will use your saved model.

Balancer cannot introduce any new normal boundaries. It can only preserve the existing ones.

Best regards!