default setting of join normals

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Hi, the default setting of join normals threshold is 45 degree.

But the output normals below seem to not join after join normals clicking. Does I miss anything?
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 5.708798e-14
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 7.778315e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 2.07579e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 -3.457651e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 -4.492989e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 2.236401e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 2.91588e-13
vn -0.9998301 -0.01843113 -1.090001e-14

and is 45 degree is too big for common case?


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Thank you for your question.
The excerpt shows that the normals belong to different vertices. 'Join Normals' tool inspects and joins normals two triangles that share an edge and the two vertices at this edge. I hope that applying 'Join Vertices' and 'Eliminate T-Junctions' tools before 'Join Normals' might help to join normals.

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