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Hi all,
I'm new using Balancer.
I'm using Mac 2.0 on a Mac.
I have a complex model .OBJ with textures.
I opened it with Balancer and amazing tool to reduce poligons, but no textures at all. On Materials folder apears 'not found' but inside all magterials names (+130).
Is there a way to import with textures? Or is a way to reassign them to each object?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Josep,

Thank you for using Balancer.
If you see 'not found' in the Materials folder, it means that the MTL file used by your input OBJ file is not found.
Please take a look at the Log pane. You can see which file is missing there.
MTL files describe all the materials for OBJ files.
Please find and put the MTL file in the location Balancer expects. Typically it is the same directory the input OBJ is located.
Note also that when Balancer saves the simplified OBJ file, it does not write a new MTL file. The saved OBJ file will use the MTL file from the original OBJ file.

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Hi Jack!
Yes, your help rocks!
I just put .mtl file and TEX folder in same directori, eddit .mtl path for each texture, and run.

Thank you very much for your help!
best wishes