Balancer 1.5 is available! Balancer 2.0 is coming - stay tuned.

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Balancer 1.5 is now available!
Here is a brief list of the main new features and improvements:

  • Simplification: even further improved robustness and feature preservation
  • New mesh processing: T-Junction elimination
  • New: isolation of displaying selected objects for easier inspection
  • New: ability to save/export selected and/or visible objects only
  • New: customization of mouse wheel direction
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Mac: several critical stability issues fixed

Balancer 2.0 will have only one new key feature:
Simplification down to pixel based error tolerance.
The release candidate of Balancer 2.0 will be available

All the rest of new features and improvements we worked on
are here for you in Balancer 1.5.

Buy Balancer 1.5 now and get free upgrade to Balancer 2.0
when it is available.

Enjoy! Smile

The Balancer guide will be updated soon to reflect
the latest features.