Public Beta of Balancer is now available

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The Beta version of Balancer is now available.
Vertsion: 0.72.101.Beta.
Date: April 7, 2009.


Balancer Demo is an evaluation version.
It is fully functional except for saving.
Download it here:

Balancer Lite is a free version.
It is fully functional but works with small meshes only.
The limits for a single mesh are 15000 triangles and 10000 vertices.
Download it here:

If your entire model is large but has many small independent meshes or layers,
you can still use Balancer Lite. Before loading your model, enable Balancer to split
the model into independent meshes in Tools | Options | Importers | Wavefront .obj.

Balancer Lite can be used for non-commercial purposes in non-business,
non-commercial environment only.
Commercially, 30 days evaluation period applies.