Tolerance-based simplification

Balancer features robust and easy to use accurate tolerance-based simplification. You can easily obtain desired visual quality just in one click, without thoroughly inspecting simplified models at different triangle counts.

Select Hierarchy with Tolerance for the type of hierarchy to be constructed and your desired tolerance:

Tolerance-based simplification

All versions of Balancer provide pixel-based tolerance simplification. This allows specifying error tolerance in pixels (say 3 pixels) and your view-port (say 1024 by 1024), and in one click you get a simplified model, which satisfies your quality requirement. From any viewing direction, the resulting model's silhouette won't deviate by more than 3 pixels.

Balancer nPro also features metric-based tolerance simplification that allows specifying error tolerance in metric units like millimeters, centimeters or inches. The distance between the simplified mesh and the original one is bounded by the given metric tolerance. This type of simplification is useful for creating optimized models for 3D printing.

In the below example, the low resolution meshes of the DAZ 3D African Elephant model with 50,668 triangles have been constructed using novel pixel-based tolerance simplification. The specified pixel-based error tolerances are relatively to 480 x 480 viewport.

Note that from any viewing direction, the resulting model's silhouette doesn't deviate by more than the specified pixel count.

Full resolution 15% - 1px wrt 480x480
9% - 2px wrt 480x480 5% - 5px wrt 480x480