Decimon: Usage Guide

Featuring most of the Balancer nPro functionality, decimon is its command line variation. Use decimon to automate your polygon reduction tasks, batch process multiple 3D models, or integrate it into your other tools that can launch external utilities.

Here are the command line options to run decimon:

decimon input_file [-o output_file]
[-sp percentage] [-sn n_faces] [-st tolerance] [-sx pixels] [-v viewport]
[-b] [-puv] [-pxy] [-Tj]
[-jv threshold_in_pbb] [-jn threshold_in_deg] [-jt threshold]
[-f] [-q] [-h]

-o output_file: writes the model to the specified file;
the default output file name is 'res.obj'

-sp percentage: simplifies the model down to the specified percentage
of its face count; valid values are between 0.0 and 100.0

-sn n_faces: simplifies the model down to the specified face count;
valid values are greater than 0

-st tolerance: simplifies the model down to the specified tolerance
as an absolute value in the model coordinates

-sx pixels: simplifies the model down to the specified number
of pixels relatively to the viewport; valid values are between 0.1 and 100.0

-v viewport: specifies viewport in pixels as a single value that denotes
a square viewport; the default value of 480 sets the viewport to
480 x 480 pixels; valid values are between 64 and 10000

-b: locks all the vertices on the surface boundaries

-puv: prevents UV foldovers

-pxy: prevents XY foldovers

-jv threshold_in_pbb: joins the vertices that are closer that
the specified threshold in percentage of the mesh bounding box diagonal;
valid values are between 0.0 to 1.0 (from 0% to 1%)

-jn threshold_in_deg: joins the indexed normals that
diverge by less than the specified threshold in degrees

-jt threshold: joins indexed texture coordinates (uvs)
that are closer than the specified threshold

-Tj: eliminates T-junctions

-f: auto fix (recommended): joins vertices, indexed normals, texture coordinates
and eliminates T-junctions;
equivalent to: -jv 0.0001 -jn 45 -jt 0.0001 -Tj;

-xov: OBJ export: save not connected vertices; ensure that all meshes of different level of details have exactly the same vertices

-xod: OBJ export: duplicate vertex attributes for array based rendering

-xsa: STL export: save in ASCII format (binary by default)

-xsn: STL export: save face normals

-q: quiet mode; does not print progress

-h: prints the usage message